Performance RING
Wednesday 2019 april 19 – 5PM 30 min
Château d’Eau/Château d’Art, Bourges FR

A sound performance, #drone #synthetic #immersive

RING was create for the project exhibition “Le Ciel va couler cette nuit ». We were exhibit inside the “water tower” from the city of Bourges, FR (Place Séraucourt).

Inside the building, space acoustic was massive. RING performance wants to put in resonance the building .

I play with my synthesizers Yamaha CS1X, Korg 770.
I play with the envelope of sound, filters, oscillation, frequencies. I am looking for the point of balance.

It will be a question of listening, in total immersion. In a circular space without definite mark, a sound gap opens; decibel rain, musical organic sheet, twilight shimmer, boat, shipwreck, depth, mermaid, whale, echoes, cold sweat, aberration …