“This is the House That Jack Built” is my art music project research conducted at Ensa Bourges during the year 2018/2019.
The project groups several piece of art and music. The work is experimental, it means it could be reactivated, remixed, it could evolved. Pieces of works are “1989”, “Wonders”, “The Loop”, “Ring” and others music pieces and sound performances.

Few words about the research :

Actually most of my works play with forms of representation provided by techno musical avant-garde, myth, contemporary art, technology, history and popular culture.

My gesture is arborescent. I operate by sliding, diversion, arrangement, word games and polysemy. The vision is resolutely human, emotional, as an artist immersed into a heritage. I compose narrative forms, make poetic relation, and questioning electronic music practices through visual arts.

Formats range comes from plastic installation to documentary research, passing by contemporary painting, sound production and musical performance.

I work with environments, devices where plural forms (installations, paintings, sounds, images and research) coexist inside a space, without necessarily established hierarchy.

Visually, the work gives heterogeneous sensations, hybrid forms, various impressions punctuated with rhythms. The reading direction is multiple, transversal.

Ultimately, the work may lead to a broader global reflection on civic communities, urban cultures, society and living together.

Through these productions, we look over the codes of dance culture, History, space and time, future, technology, music and society.

This is the House That Jack Built