Midi Circus

Research & creation project as part of the postgraduate “Art & Sound Design” at the National School of Art of the city of Bourges, FR (ENSA) 2018/2020.

“Midi Circus” is a hybrid project about electronic music. It is a plastic, sound and poetic research around the field of  ‘house’ and ‘techno’ music. This project questioning electronic music practices through a visual arts approach and vice versa. The artist uses diferent formats from plastic installation to documentary research, contemporary painting, audio documentary, sound production and musical performance.

Work in progress (2018)


Influenced by electronic music, from techno to experimental music, including cinematographic soundtracks and house music. On stage and in the studio, Gaëlle Scali aka Midi Circus explores these registers in an eclectic configuration: machines, interconnected electronic instruments, traditional and acoustic instruments.

Midi Circus Live (Set Up 2017) : Sony MXP 290, SR 16 Alesis, TR 505 Roland, EMU Orbit 9090, Lexicon PCM 80, yamaha CS1X et Séquenceur Mac Book + Ableton Live

During of a show : from 20 to 75 min

Studio 2016

Midi Circus Studio Production